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Meet Lyfe Health

We are building a cloud-based, A.I. powered, universal health record platform - for iOS, Android, and web - where users can aggregate all of their health info into one, easy to use, central location to keep track of and share whenever and wherever.

Whether for parents, young-adults, or people with underlying health conditions, Lyfe Health is your key to properly handling your health.

Manage Health Data All in One Place

All of your health info can now be put into one central, secure place for you to easily access with a tap of a button.

Pull Health Info From:

  • Doctors, Medical Groups, and Providers

  • Personal Memory

  • Health & Fitness Apps

Connect, Share, and Monitor

With a tap of a button, you can connect, share, and monitor you and your loved ones' health information so no one is out of the loop or caught off guard in the case of an emergency.

Connect and Share With:

  • Trusted Family Members, Spouses, & Children

  • Doctors, Medical Groups, and Providers

  • Caregivers of Elderly Loved Ones

Parents Can Now Have Peace of Mind

Lyfe Health empowers you to be the best parent for them, giving you the power to keep a health record from the day they are born to when they leave the nest.

Family Accounts:

  • Connect you, your partner, and any other caregivers with your children

  • Monitor, update, and share children's health information

  • Be prepared for the unexpected with Health Insights

Build a Dynamic Family Health Tree*

You can connect with family members to form Family Health Trees.

Our A.I. will anonymously go through, find, and share any health trends that may run in your family.

More Features

Share Info Instantly

Skip the patient forms and share with your doctor instantly with a QR code.

Check Symptoms*

Check symptoms with the A.I. Powered in-app symptom checker, Juno

Journal Away With My Day

Keep track of your daily emotions and corresponding activities with our In-App A.I. Journal My Day.

Social Health is Wealth*

Connect with Trainers, Nutritionists, and Specialists to enhance your health journey.

*This feature coming soon!

Fun Fact:

Did You Know Your Health History Can Predict The Future?

Having all of your health information in one location is the key to understanding your health.

Lyfe Health empowers you by providing keen health insights based off of your health info using A.I. and smart technology.

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